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Peter Paul Hillary Clinton ... "Hillary Uncensored" Rough Cut Trailer...New FEC Probe Urged for Hillary Crimes..The new documentary film "Indicting Hillary" shows Hillary Clinton's role in the campaign fraud that elected her to the Senate. It combines explosive home video taken by Peter Paul with key interviews to show why Hillary Clinton is unfit to lead America. .This video shows "Spider Man" creator Stan Lee swearing under oath that he contributed nothing to Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign, contradicting Hillary's latest report to the FEC...

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Peter Paul Hillary Clinton

*BREAKING: New FEC Probe Urged for Hillary Crimes*


Peter Paul Hillary Clinton

"Hillary Uncensored" Rough Cut Trailer

The viral frenzy surrounding the leaking of the thirteen minute "rough cut" trailer for the documentary

"Hillary Uncensored" has resulted in a new Internet record for a documentary trailer, with more than

4 million views since October 8 - even after Google suddenly removed the top-ranked video from its Top 10 and Top 100 lists!

*** The First Cut of the one hour documentary is now available on at $6.99 per view.

The public will be given the opportunity to offer suggestions for the final edit.

The DVD may be ordered from Equal Justice Productions.***

Sen. Clinton's actions as shown in the film violated the following U.S. Statutes:

2 U.S.C. Sec 441a (a)(7)(B)(I) provides:

Expenditures made by any person in cooperation, consultation, or concert, with, or at the request or suggestion of, a candidate, his authorized political committees, or their agents, shall be considered to be a contribution to such candidate. (Therefore Peter Paul's expenditures cannot be deemed to be a "soft money" contribution)

(f) No candidate shall knowingly accept any contribution in violation of the provisions of this section...

(a)(1)(A) No person shall make contributions... to any candidate with respect to any election for Federal office which, in the aggregate, exceed $2,000.

2 U.S.C. Sec 437g(d)(1)(A)(I) provides:

Any person who knowingly and willfully commits a violation of any provision of this act which involves the making, receiving, or reporting of any contribution, donation, or expenditure (I) aggregating $25,000 or more during a calendar year shall be fined under Title 18, or imprisoned for not more than 5 years, or both...

See also:

Full Hillary 'smoking gun' video released

Doug Ross: Hillary Clinton and "The Largest Election Law Fraud in History"

Radio Host Mark Levin Discusses Hillary Clinton's Guilty Verdict and Fine From the FEC [audio]

Peter Paul Appeal Documents Criminal Misconduct by Hillary [PDF: 242K]


"Indicting Hillary" The Documentary


Peter Paul Hillary Clinton

Click to watch the trailer


The new documentary film "Indicting Hillary" shows Hillary Clinton's role in the campaign fraud that elected her to the Senate. It combines explosive home video taken by Peter Paul with key interviews to show why Hillary Clinton is unfit to lead America.

Stan Lee swears $225,000 reported by

Hillary Clinton to the FEC was not his!

This video shows "Spider Man" creator Stan Lee swearing under oath that he contributed nothing to Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign, contradicting Hillary's latest report to the FEC.



President Clinton's Business Fraud Elected Hillary, Destroyed Stan Lee Media


Peter Paul Hillary ClintonThe first civil suit charging a Senator and a former President with fraud, deceit and conspiracy.


Read Peter Paul's Second Amended Complaint for the whole story of the frauds Bill and Hillary directed to destroy Paul's $150 million company.

Hillary's election conspiracy with the DNC

Exclusive Video: Hillary thanks Peter Paul for the Gala she denies knowing he paid for

Hillary Swears She Doesn't Deny Paul's Allegations

Peter Paul Hillary Clinton


Read Hillary Clinton's Sworn Declaration that does not deny ANY of Paul's allegations - and compare to Paul's Sworn Declaration of Hillary's Misconduct.

- Click the photo above to see the evidence of Clinton illegality and fraud. These documents and photos prove the allegations that Hillary is afraid to deny!

Hillary Must Testify Under Oath as a Material Witness in Clinton Fraud

We need your help to conduct discovery for the trial, now postponed from March 27, 2007 to a date after the appellate court reviews Hillary's claim that her fraudulent activity was "political" in nature and therefore protected.

Help us put Hillary on the witness stand to explain the criminal violation of Federal campaign contribution statutes she directed with Bill Clinton and has covered up ever since (see details in our latest legal brief).


Peter Paul Hillary Clinton


The documents don't lie! Here is some of the evidence we'll present in court

Read Peter Paul's Declaration to the Superior Court of California

Hillary Clinton Campaign Treasurer Andrew Grossman was forced to admit to the Federal Election Commision in January 2006 that he hid contributions of more than $720,000 made by Peter Paul in 2000 in three false FEC reports.

Grossman's subordinate Rosen was indicted and tried in 2005 for making these false reports, but no action has yet been taken by the Justice Department against Grossman, despite his admission in 2006 to committing the crimes for which Rosen was previously charged.


Peter Paul put almost $2 million into a

'Hollywood fundraiser for Hillary.'


"Hillary never reported this contribution to the FEC. That is a federal crime."

- Paul Weyrich, founder and chairman, Free Congress Foundation

Instead, the Clintons made Hillary's biggest fundraising event disappear

Peter Paul Hillary Clinton

USJF launches HillCAP radio campaign



Peter Paul Hillary Clinton



Clinton Campaign Magic:

Making a Scandal Disappear


Hillary Clinton Peter Paul

The Hollywood Gala Farewell Salute to President Bill Clinton took place on August 12, 2000 in Los Angeles, during the week of the Democratic National Convention. Event creator and producer Peter Paul had promised President Clinton that he would spend $525,000 to host the Gala, intended to double as the largest fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's New York Senate campaign, and that he would invite his Hollywood friends to publicly endorse Hillary's candidacy. Paul's purpose in doing this was to show his good faith in preparing to work with Bill Clinton after he left the White House the following January. Paul stated in his pending civil suit that in July of 2000 Bill Clinton had agreed to work with him and two of his companies for a $15 million package consisting of stock, cash and a contribution to the Clinton library. Paul was especially interested in Bill Clinton's help to rapidly expand Stan Lee Media, the public company he had founded with Spider-Man creator Stan Lee.


Organized in less than four weeks, the Gala attracted 1,400 A-list Hollywood luminaries and the leadership of the Democratic Party, as well as the Clinton family and White House employees. It featured the largest private concert ever produced, with eight international headlining artists performing. The price of admission was a $1,000 per ticket donation to Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign. The 3-hour concert was followed by a VIP dinner, available to campaign contributors at $25,000 per couple. It was the largest farewell tribute to a U.S. President ever held in Hollywood.


The spiraling cost of the Gala eventually exceeded $1.1 million, not including the value of the all-star performances. The Clinton campaign had two legal options: to report the full value of the event, or to reimburse Peter Paul for some or all of his expenses. It chose to do neither, instead reporting the amount to the Federal Election Commission as $401,419, a course of action that would eventually result in felony indictments against David Rosen, the campaign's National Finance Director.

After the Gala was over, the Clinton campaign lost little time trying to disavow any relationship with Hillary's largest contributor -- at least, in public.


On August 15, three days after the Gala, Washington Post columnist Lloyd Grove reported on Peter Paul's 25-year-old felony convictions, and quoted Hillary Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson as saying that the campaign "will not be accepting any contributions" from Paul.


On August 17, in a follow-up column, Grove reported that Wolfson "misspoke" in saying that Paul hadn't given money to Hillary Clinton's campaign, and that FEC records showed a $2,000 donation from Paul on June 30. Howard Wolfson told Grove on the 16th that "today we returned the check."


Yet behind the scenes, the Clinton campaign continued to actively court Peter Paul, immediately assuring him through intermediaries and in personal handwritten letters that nothing had changed regarding their post-White House business relationship. They then pressed Paul for another $100,000 in campaign contributions.

On August 18, Hillary Clinton sent a personal note to Paul, thanking him for hosting the Gala and everything he had done to make it a success, signed "With gratitude for friendship."

On the same day, President Clinton also sent a handwritten letter to Paul thanking him for hosting the event and for "the boost it gave Hillary's campaign."


On August 24, David Rosen faxed instructions to Paul's controller at his company, on Hillary's Senate campaign letterhead asking him to transfer $100,000 of Paul's company shares to the Working Families Party in New York, a political group that had agreed to support Clinton's Senate bid. No longer certain whether the Clintons intended to follow through on their commitments, Paul refused to transfer the shares unless Bill Clinton was willing to meet with him in public to confirm their future plans. The President set up a meeting with Paul on September 22 on board Air Force One. A picture of that meeting shows Paul, California governor Gray Davis and fundraiser Aaron Tonken with Clinton in front of Air Force One.


Personally assured that the President intended to honor his commitment, Paul authorized his controller Stephen Gordon, Stan Lee Media's executive vice president in charge of operations to transfer 5,000 shares of SLM stock from one of Paul's Merrill Lynch margin accounts, as instructed by David Rosen. The value of the contribution was just under $55,000. The Working Families Party denies that any shares were received, though Gordon later testified under oath that they were sent. No explanation has been provided for how and why David Rosen came to possess detailed information about the Working Families Party's brokerage account.


Peter Paul's civil suit asserts that the purpose of this highly unusual transfer was to launder the contribution of soft money to the Clinton campaign without reporting its origin.


Where did the money go? As the litigation proceeds, perhaps we'll find out...


Latest News Hillary Clinton Peter Paul


February 3, 2007 -- An article published at the website "" and picked up by Newsweek magazine claims that Peter Paul is "falsely" accusing Hillary Clinton of committing crimes and engaging in other misconduct. Writing at, Ben Barrack points out several inaccuracies and misrepresentations in FactCheck's analysis.



January 14, 2007 -- A new public interest group currently being organized by entrepeneur and conservative activist Rod Martin plans to support Peter Paul's new FEC complaint and help focus attention on his legal efforts. See Art Moore's new article, 'Conservative' targets Hillary case at



January 1, 2008 -- Peter Paul has filed a new FEC complaint asking the Federal Election Commission to reopen its investigation of illegal contributions to Sen. Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign, and to investigate ongoing violations by Clinton and her representatives regarding those contributions. The complaint calls upon the Commission to void its previous conciliation agreement granting legal immunity to Sen. Clinton and to the campaign group New York Senate 2000.

See also the Closing Statement by Department of Justice prosecutor Dan Schwager in the 2005 trial of Clinton campaign finance director David Rosen. Schwager said the government was prosecuting the crimes of denying the public's right to know about Peter Paul's $1.2 million contribution to Hillary's campaign and continued efforts to obstruct that right by filing three false FEC reports - felony charges for which Rosen faced 15 years in jail. Nevertheless, the FEC subsequently allowed Hillary and her campaign to file a fourth false report, which the Commission used as a basis to settle all previous violations and immunize the defendants from further investigation.

Art Moore of WorldNetDaily has more: New probe urged for Hillary crimes.



November 28, 2007 -- Hillary! Uncensored is now available on DVD from WorldNetDaily.



November 27, 2007 -- Peter Paul has asked the California Supreme Court to review whether Hillary Clinton committed crimes that disqualify her from First Amendment protection from his civil fraud suit. WorldNetDaily's Art Moore provides an excellent overview of the ongoing case:

Paul's attorney, Colette Wilson, argues in the new petition that the California Supreme Court should take the case to determine whether a defendant can invoke the anti-SLAPP statute if there is "uncontroverted evidence" of criminal conduct, regardless of whether legal pleadings assert the conduct is criminal.

The alleged crimes, according to Paul, center on Sen. Clinton's participation in soliciting and coordinating his expenditures and soliciting illegal contributions of performers' services for the Hollywood event, which would make his more than $1.2 million in contributions a direct donation to her Senate campaign – a violation of federal statutes that limit "hard money" contributions to a candidate to $2,000 per person. Knowingly accepting or soliciting $25,000 or more in a calendar year is a felony carrying a prison sentence of up to five years.

Wilson points out that in Sen. Clinton's motion to invoke the anti-SLAPP law, her legal team admitted her campaign solicited contributions from Paul.

For more details, read Petition for Review to the California Supreme Court PDF: 270k.



November 5, 2007 -- Appearing on Fox News yesterday with Eric Shawn, Peter Paul mentioned that Google had removed the Hillary! Uncensored trailer from its top video lists over the weekend. Shawn replied, "We couldn't find it either."

Listen to the entire interview here.



November 3, 2007 -- Google has removed the Hillary! Uncensored trailer from its top 10 and top 100 lists. The video is still the most viewed on Google, with 69,089 views yesterday.

There is no way Google can pretend that its "top" rankings have anything to do with how many people actually watch their videos. Interestingly, a second version of the trailer that was posted in two parts appears at #7 and #24, apparently overlooked by Google's political censors.

The trailer on our home page is now hosted by YouTube.

**Update: the trailer has mysteriously reappeared on Google's list, and is now at #2 **



November 2, 2007 -- Here's a good report from a recent viewing of the complete documentary: Hillary! Uncensored by Pam Meister of



November 1, 2007 -- The Hillary! Uncensored trailer has now been the #1 video on Google's Top 100 Videos In The World for three consecutive days. Overall, the trailer has been viewed more than 3 million times online. The New York Times picked up the story yesterday:

See Fund-Raiser Reappears as Critic by Raymond Hernandez.

Peter Paul will appear on Fox News at 11:20 a.m. this Sunday, November 4, to discuss the recent explosion of interest in the forthcoming documentary about Hillary Clinton's campaign finance fraud.



October 31, 2007 -- Peter Paul has petitioned the California Supreme Court for a rehearing of the Court's recent decision to remove Sen. Clinton as a defendant in his civil case. The filing argues that the Court failed to resolve the key question of whether the conduct purportedly protected by the anti-SLAPP law was, in fact, criminal. If so, the anti-SLAPP law does not apply.

See Petition for Rehearing PDF: 128k.



October 30, 2007 -- The Hillary! Uncensored trailer trailer continues as Google's top-ranked video. The trailer has now been viewed more than two million times online in the past three weeks.

The First Cut of the one hour documentary will debut on Youperview.Com on November 5, 2007, at $6.99 per view, and the public will be given the opportunity to offer suggestions for the final edit.



October 29, 2007 -- The Associated Press has a new story out on the popularity of the Hillary! Uncensored trailer trailer: Anti-Clinton Video Draws Attention by Jim Kuhnkenn.



October 26, 2007 -- Fox News has released a new major story on the campaign finance scandal: Hillary Clinton Accuser Claims New Evidence of Fraud in Documentary



October 23, 2007 -- Fred Lucas reports at CNSNews on the big numbers the film's trailer has been racking up at Google: 'Hillary Uncensored' Film Draws Huge Web Audience.

WorldNetDaily's Art Moore reports that Hollywood filmmakers are "working quietly behind the scenes" to complete "Hillary Uncensored." See Hollywood helps 'uncensored' anti-Hillary film.

"Hillary! Uncensored" will be screened at Harvard University on Oct. 26, at Dartmouth College and the University of New Hampshire on Oct. 27, and at St. Anselm College on Oct. 28. The film will also be featured at the Metropolitan Club in New York City on Oct. 30.



October 22, 2007 -- The Hillary! Uncensored trailer has now been Google's most-watched video for 10 of the past 12 days. A report at notes that it is also the most-discussed Google video in the U.K.



October 18, 2007 -- The Hillary! Uncensored trailer was again Google's most-watched video on Oct. 17 with 83,587 views. The trailer is still absent from Google's bogus "Top 10" list, which features "Snake coughs up entire hippo" (17,194 views) as the site's top-ranked video.

For a good overview of the recently-decided California Court of Appeals case, see: Plaintiff in Clinton Fundraising Dispute Still Awaiting His Day in Court at



October 17, 2007 -- The California Court of Appeals has denied Peter Paul's appeal of a lower court's decision to dismiss Hillary Clinton as a defendant from his landmark civil fraud and coercion case against the Clintons and their agents. The Court acted de novo, or as the trial court, in considering the application of California's Anti-SLAPP law to protect Hillary's alleged conspiracy to commit business frauds to fund her Senate campaign.


The Court refused to accept or consider newly-released videotaped evidence implicating Hillary Clinton in illegally soliciting more than $1 million in campaign donations from Peter Paul. This tape had been withheld by government attorneys from all investigations between 2001- 2006 of Hillary Clinton's role in the four false FEC campaign reports that resulted in the criminal trial of her finance director David Rosen. The Court also refused to accept sworn court testimony of James Levin, who was designated an agent of Bill and Hillary Clinton in dealing with Paul, which corroborated that the Clintons illegally solicited Paul to underwrite and produce Hillary Clinton's largest fundraising event in 2000. The Court stated:

Because it would be inappropriate for us to decide on appeal whether Senator Clinton or Clinton for Senate violated federal law in connection with the solicitation of Paul's in-kind contributions Paul's motion to admit a videotaped recording of a July 17 2000 telephone call among Paul Stan Lee and Senator Clinton in which they discuss the Hollywood Tribute and his request for judicial notice related to this issue are denied.

Peter Paul will proceed to trial with the remaining defendants in the case, former President Clinton, Gary Smith and James Levin. Senator Clinton will be deposed as a material witness whose sworn testimony in the case was assured by the lower court judge when he dismissed Senator Clinton as a defendant. Judge Munoz advised Hillary Clinton's attorney David Kendall that "Any attempt to deny Senator Clinton's testimony in the case will be dead on arrival. Did you hear that Mr. Kendall?"

See also: Peter Paul's response to the ruling at



October 16, 2007 -- The Hillary! Uncensored trailer has now topped Google's video list for five of the past six days, and is approaching half a million views.

So is the trailer featured on Google's most popular list? Don't be silly.

Hot Air is paying attention, however.



October 13, 2007 The trailer for the one-hour documentary "Hillary! Uncensored" (previously titled "Hillary Exposed") has been the top-ranking Google video for the past three days. The film will premiere at the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York on October 30.

Read Peter Paul's new article, Hillary and The Mother of All Cover Ups at



September 14, 2007 -- The Wall Street Journal covers Paul v Clinton for the first time, noting that "the entanglement with Peter Paul foreshadows events involving fundraiser Norman Hsu."

See For Clinton, 2000 Fund-Raising Controversy Lingers by John R. Emshwiller.



September 8, 2007 -- Attorneys for Peter Paul argued yesterday in court that Hillary Clinton should be reinstated in Paul's lawsuit against the Clintons, because her actions were illegal and therefore not protected under California law.

See Attorneys argue whether Hillary Clinton should be in lawsuit by Greg Risling, Associated Press.



August 14, 2007 -- A California court of appeals will hear oral arguments in Peter Paul's request to reinstate Hillary Clinton in his lawsuit against Bill Clinton and others on September 7. See Court set to review Hillary 'smoking gun' video by Art Moore at WorldNetDaily for more details.

See also: If Not Swiftly, Truth Boating May Sink Hillary at



June 23, 2007 -- Alpha blogger Michelle Malkin has picked up the Hillary video story.

More at New Media Journal: Hillary Campaign Finance Felonies Caught on Video:

After almost seven years of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's denial of receiving and failing to report $2 million in campaign contributions, a recently released "smoking gun" videotape reveals that Senator Clinton not only had direct knowledge of Mr. Peter Paul's planning and funding of her 2000 Senate campaign, she and her White House staff liaison with her senate campaign acted as co-producers and talent coordinators of the largest fundraiser of her campaign...

Colette Wilson of the U.S. Justice Foundation filed an appellate brief today, in the civil lawsuit alleging Clinton's violation of a federal code that carries a possible five-year prison sentence. Wilson argues in the brief filed with the California Court of Appeal that Sen. Clinton's actions violated not only the $2,000 limit but Title 2 section 437 of the U.S. federal code, which states: "Any person who knowingly and willfully commits a violation of any provision of this act which involves the making, receiving, or reporting of any contribution, donation, or expenditure aggregating $25,000 or more during a calendar year shall be fined under Title 18, or imprisoned for not more than 5 years, or both."


June 22, 2007 -- The complete 5-minute video of Hillary Clinton's participation in planning Peter Paul's multi-million dollar Hollywood fundraising gala is now posted on our home page.

Art Moore covers the new release at

In the tape, Clinton is heard via speakerphone thanking Paul, business partner Stan Lee and other colleagues for their efforts in putting together the fundraiser.

She also describes the role of longtime aide Kelly Craighead as assisting in day-to-day involvement in preparation for the event as her liaison with Paul and his producers.

Craighead, Clinton says, "talks all the time" with Paul, "so she'll be the person to convey whatever I need."

The aide's hands-on role is significant, because the law also implicates a candidate if any of his or her agents are involved in coordinating expenditures with a donor.


June 21, 2007 -- Here are the new USJF filings with the California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District Court. Peter Paul's Reply Brief asks the Court to include a recently-discovered five minute videotape of a phone conversation between Hillary Clinton, Peter Paul, Stan Lee and others, as evidence in Paul's appeal of a previous order that granted Hillary Clinton First Amendment protection for her illegal campaign solicitations under California's anti-SLAPP law.

For more details see the the USJF press release.

Peter Paul's Reply Brief

Motion to Admit New Documentary Evidence

Declaration of D. Colette Wilson

Declaration of Peter F. Paul

Request for Judicial Notice

Art Moore reports on the new video evidence at

[T]he tape indicates Clinton -- despite denials throughout six years of investigation -- was directly involved with business mogul Peter Franklin Paul in producing a lavish Hollywood fundraiser in August 2000 that eventually cost Paul nearly $2 million.

Clinton's participation in the planning of the event would make Paul's substantial contributions a direct donation to her Senate campaign rather than her joint fundraising committee, violating federal statutes that limit "hard money" contributions to a candidate to $2,000 per person. Knowingly accepting or soliciting $25,000 or more in a calendar year is a felony carrying a prison sentence of up to five years.


June 20, 2007 -- The U.S. Justice Foundation will file a legal brief this week arguing that the recently-discovered videotape of Hillary Clinton coordinating plans for the Gala Hollywood Salute to President Clinton in July of 2000 must be admitted as new evidence in Peter Paul's civil case. The videotape "captures the very commission of a crime, namely, that of knowingly soliciting, coordinating and accepting federal campaign contributions far in excess of the legal limit of $2,000."

See Clinton Tape 'Captures Commission of Crime,' Lawyer Argues by Fred Lucas at for more details.



April 26, 2007 -- New analysis of the Hillary Clinton videotape is available at



April 25, 2007 -- An exclusive preview is now available of "smoking gun" video footage of Hillary Clinton meeting in July of 2000 via speakerphone with Peter Paul, Stan Lee and others to discuss plans for the forthcoming Gala Hollywood Salute to President Clinton, scheduled for August 12.

On April 11, 2007, Peter Paul obtained permission from the Eastern District of New York to copy more than 80 videotapes confiscated from Stan Lee Media by the US Attorney in May 2001.

One videotape, made by Paul in his office on July 17, 2000, shows a conference call between Hillary Clinton, Paul, his partner Stan Lee and his employees Alana Stewart and Aaron Tonken regarding the production of the Gala that Paul had agreed to underwrite and produce at the request of Bill and Hillary Clinton. During the 5-minute conversation, Hillary Clinton admits having been fully briefed on the event since its inception on June 23, 2000 by her Chief Staff coordinator, and confirms her past, present and promised future coordination of the fundraising event. The videotape clearly documents Mrs. Clinton's role in illegally soliciting an in-kind contribution of professional services with a fair market value that exceeds $100,000 to benefit her US Senate campaign.

For a detailed review of events to date, see HILLARYGATE: Mother of all Scandals by Richard Poe at


On April 11... the U.S. Attorney's office for the Eastern District of New York unexpectedly released to Peter Paul's attorney a copy of a videotape which it had confiscated from Mr. Paul six years ago. It depicts a meeting of the Hollywood gala planners, in which Hillary Clinton takes part by speakerphone, clearly "coordinating" the project and playing in active role in soliciting contributions.


April 21, 2007 -- Peter Paul's legal team is preparing to release a July 2000 videotape of Hillary Clinton that clearly shows her direct involvement in illegally coordinating expenditures related to the August 2000 Hollywood Gala for then-president Bill Clinton. Attorney Colette Wilson of the U.S. Justice Foundation described the newly uncovered tape as "smoking-gun evidence," adding, "I don't know how you escape the conclusion that you are listening to a felony."

For more information, see 'Smoking gun' tape indicts Hillary by Art Moore at, and New Tape Raises Questions About What Senator Clinton Knew of Campaign Violation by Fred Lucas at



March 28, 2007 -- Hillary Clinton's defense team, led by David Kendall, has filed a response brief arguing that Hillary should be kept out of Peter Paul's lawsuit against the Clintons. The response fails to address the key issues raised in Paul's appeal brief relating to Hillary Clinton's role in the frauds directed by Bill Clinton to destroy Peter Paul's company, Stan Lee Media. Instead, it focuses on Paul's thirty-year-old felony convictions while ignoring the damning facts of Hillary's misconduct -- facts she has never denied -- as laid out in Paul's sworn Declarations. Peter Paul will file a reply brief by the end of April and the matter will be set for oral argument within sixty days from that date.

See also: Senator Clinton's Lawyers Seek to Halt Fraud Suit by Fred Lucas at



February 7, 2007 -- Peter Paul has filed suit against his former legal counsel Judicial Watch, and its current president Tom Fitton, and directors Paul Orfanedes and Chris Farrell, over fundraising abuses, legal malpractice, and professional ethics, false advertising, as well as copyright infringement.

The complaint [PDF: 2.79MB] alleges that the public interest group raised millions to support Paul's whistleblowing activities against the Clintons and then withheld the money from its intended purpose.

See also: Donor battling Hillary now sues Judicial Watch at



January 10, 2007 -- Peter Paul today filed an appeal brief with the California Appellate Court that amounts to a criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton for her role in the illegal fundraising that she and her 2000 Senate campaign continue to cover up and falsely report. Evidence of Hillary's criminal misconduct is presented for the first time in this appellate brief on pages 55-59.

Paul is appealing the trial court's ruling of April 7, 2006, which denied his request to conduct limited discovery, and which dismissed Hillary and her Senate committee as defendants in Paul's complaint. Paul seeks reversal of the order granting the anti-SLAPP motion. If that order is not reversed, Paul seeks reversal of the order denying his request to conduct limited discovery.

See also: Court brief alleges crime by Hillary by Art Moore at

Note: the previously-scheduled March 27, 2007 trial date for Peter Paul's complaint has been postponed pending the Appellate Court's review of the above appeal.



October 19, 2006 -- Peter Paul has delivered a demand letter to Senator Hillary Clinton, asking her to admit accepting more than $1 million as a campaign contribution from Peter Paul in 2000. It also asks the Clinton campaign to correct the false FEC report it filed on January 30, 2006 and refund the amount of Paul's contribution that exceeded the legal limit.

Hillary's latest report to the FEC, filed as part of an attempted settlement with the FEC of her campaign's violations of Federal Election Laws, admitted for the first time that Paul contributed $839,000 through two personal holding companies.

Paul has also contacted Spider Man creator Stan Lee, demanding that he notify Hillary to correct her campaign's false attribution to Lee of a $225,000 personal contribution, which Lee has stated under oath he did not make. Paul advises Hillary Clinton that this contribution was part of more than $1.2 million confirmed by the Justice Department and the FBI as being made by Paul personally.

See also Hillary receives demand to admit campaign fraud by Art Moore at



September 26, 2006 -- Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Aurelio Munoz deferred ruling on Peter Paul's conspiracy complaint yesterday, saying that Paul's pending appeal of Hillary Clinton's removal from the case must first be resolved. For more details, see No ruling on Clintons case yet at the Washington Times, and Clinton fraud case delayed at WorldNetDaily.



September 25, 2006 -- A motion to amend Peter Paul's complaint accusing former president Bill Clinton and others involved in Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign of conspiring to defraud him and collapse his public company will be heard today in California Superior Court. The Washington Times has a front-page article on the lawsuit today.

Peter Paul is also charging Clinton attorney David Kendall with filing a phony statement with the court claiming that Paul had admitted responsibility for the collapse in 2000 of his company, Stan Lee Media. Kendell merged two unrelated quotes in an action that USJF attorney Colette Wilson called "either a deliberate lie" or "very cavalier and irresponsible."

USJF Reply Brief

Peter Paul's Declaration in Support of Reply Brief

As USJF points out, a Federal Court "specifically found that the illegal margin scheme in which Peter Paul and others were engaged was not the cause of the collapse of SLM." On the contrary, the scheme "...was undertaken to benefit, not damage, SLM."

Request for Judicial Notice

See also Clinton lawyer Kendall accused of filing false statement at, and Clinton Clinton Lawyer Kendall Must Defend Fabricated Statement at



September 22, 2006 -- Hillary Clinton's latest report to the FEC claims that Stan Lee, the creator of Spider Man and Peter Paul's former business partner, contributed $225,000 to Hillary's 2000 Senate campaign as an in-kind donation. However, Stan Lee has stated under oath that he gave no money whatsoever to the campaign. Watch Stan Lee's deposition on our Clinton Videos page.



August 28, 2006 -- Peter Paul and the U.S. Justice Foundation have filed two Declarations in support of Paul's new amended complaint against the Clintons, showing how Paul's former legal representatives at Judicial Watch failed to accurately present his case against the Clintons, and detailing misconduct by Judicial Watch, including a physical assault by Larry Klayman on an Assistant U.S. Attorney.

Declaration of Peter Paul in Support of Motion to Amend -- August 23, 2006

Declaration of D. Colette Wilson in Support of Motion to Amend -- August 25, 2006



August 24, 2006 -- Peter Paul and the U.S. Justice Foundation have filed a second amended complaint charging former President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton and others with conspiracy in the destruction of Paul's $200 million Internet business. A court hearing has been scheduled for September 25th. See Lawsuit: Clinton scheme cost donor millions for more information.



June 20, 2006 -- Peter Paul and the U.S. Justice Foundation are preparing to file a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee, charging that Hillary Clinton was personally involved in the intentional misreporting of Paul's multi-million dollar contributions to her 2000 Senate campaign. See New Senate complaint prepared against Hillary for details.



May 16, 2006 -- Art Moore of has published a new article that explains why USJF has filed an appeal of the California Court's dismissal of Hillary Clinton from Peter Paul's fraud and conspiracy lawsuit. The article also mentions the recent discovery by Political Money Line that Hillary filed false reports to the IRS regarding her 2000 campaign that still remain uncorrected.

See Hillary's dismissal in fraud suit appealed for more.



May 14, 2006 -- Writing in John Burtis weighs in on the new Political Money Line report with Hillary: Bad news on Mother's Day.

...the website now lists Peter Paul as her largest single contributor at the gala, with a total of $838,902 in concert, dinner and reception expenses, whose injections of ready cash, they report, were finally acknowledged and re-filed with the FEC as a relatively unknown amendment on January 30th of this year, by Ms. Clinton's joint fundraising committee...

And to add additional dry tinder to an already smoldering fire, Politicalmoneyline has also located the patently false IRS report, which incorporates the crude tommyrot Andrew Grossman, Hillary's 2000 treasurer, employed to camouflage Peter Paul's LA donations, still dangling in limbo, without a single correction appended since the January FEC refiling.


May 11, 2006 -- Political finance watchdog reports that Hillary's Senate 2000 campaign also filed a false report with the IRS at the same time they filed their false FEC reports, and that the IRS filings have not been corrected:

The committee was a joint fundraising operation and had a federal and non-federal account. The above expenses were reported as a non-federal share. The amendments were required as part of a December 2005 conciliation agreement with the Federal Election Commission. The committee and its treasurer, Andrew Grossman, agreed to pay a $35,000 civil penalty for not filing complete reports.

However, in a phone interview this week, Peter Paul alleged the report filing is still not correct. He alleges that he personally, not his companies or Stan Lee, paid for the in-kind services totaling $1,063,902. Paul filed suit against the former President Clinton and Senator Clinton in February 2004 charging both with conspiring with others to commit fraud, deceit and conspiracy. In October 2004 the California Supreme Court denied review of an appeal by the Clintons to have the case dismissed. The trial is set for March 27, 2007.

On April 7, 2006, Senator Clinton provided a declaration in this case.

Although the federal account of New York Senate 2000 has amended their reports with the Federal Election Commission, the non-federal account (a Section 527 organization) of the committee has not filed corresponding amendments with the I.R.S.


May 8, 2006 -- USJF filed a notice of appeal May 8, 2006, to the Appeals Court in California, challenging the trial court's decision April 7, 2006, to grant Hillary Clinton 1st Amenment protection for the business frauds she engaged in with Bill Clinton to generate $1.6 million for her 2000 Senate campaign. Hillary was granted the protection of California's Anti-SLAPP law, intended to provide first amendment protection to candidates who are silenced by frivilous law suits in the course of their election campaigns, after her Motion to Dismiss a business fraud and coercion suit against her and Bill Clinton was denied by the California Supreme Court. More...


April 25, 2006 -- Art Moore of has a new article updating Peter Paul's civil trial against Bill Clinton: Clintons top all-star cast of fraud-case witnesses.

The potential witness list includes celebrities such as Muhammad Ali, Brad Pitt, Barbra Streisand, James Brolin, Cher, Whoopi Goldberg, George Hamilton, Olivia Newton John, John Travolta, Diana Ross, Shirley McLaine, Michael Bolton, Toni Braxton, Paul Anka and Larry King.

Also on the list are former Vice President Al Gore, the Clinton's daughter Chelsea Clinton, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, former California Gov. Gray Davis, former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terrence McAuliffe, CBS News reporter Mike Wallace and ABC News reporter Brian Ross.


April 19, 2006 -- Peter Paul recently discussed the latest developments in his legal case with Paul Rodriguez on "Insights From Washington" at You can listen to the interview here.



April 13, 2006 -- Human Events reports that the FEC has "chastised" Hillary Clinton's re-election campaign for accepting 39 donations that exceed the legal limit. Quoth the FEC, "The acceptance of excessive contributions is a serious problem..." and "The committee's procedures should be examined and corrected in order to avoid this problem."

Hillary Clinton's campaign is ignoring the legal requirements for raising money? Imagine that...



April 11, 2006 -- Compare Hillary's "I don't recall" declaration to the California Superior Court to the declaration of Peter Paul detailing his contributions to Hillary's 2000 Senate campaign and his business deal with President Clinton, and decide for yourself who is telling the truth.

See Hillary Swears She Doesnt Deny Peter Paul's Charges Against Her and Bill at



April 8, 2006 -- In a sworn declaration to the California Superior Court on April 7th, Hillary Clinton did not directly deny Peter Paul's allegations, claiming instead that she has "no recollection whatsoever of discussing any arrangement" for Paul to support her Senate campaign as part of his multi-million dollar business deal with then-President Bill Clinton.



April 7, 2006 -- California Superior Court Judge Aurelio N. Munoz has ordered a trial date of March 27, 2007 for Bill Clinton and other defendants in Paul v. Clinton et al. Judge Munoz also granted Hillary Clinton's Anti-SLAPP Motion to dismiss her as a defendant (while retaining her as a material witness) on the grounds that under California law, Hillary Clinton had a First Amendment right to engage in any and all activities to fund her 2000 Senate election campaign - even conspiring to commit business fraud, if that conspiracy can not be proven before discovery.

See Trial set in civil suit against Bill Clinton by Art Moore at for details.



March 29, 2006 -- Peter Paul and the U.S. Justice Foundation are preparing to file a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission charging Hillary Clinton with filing a fourth false report that conceals Paul's multi-million dollar personal donation to Hillary's 2000 Senate campaign.

See Top donor seeks to expose 'Hillary's Chappaquiddick' by Art Moore at



March 24, 2006 -- The U.S. Justice Foundation is launching a new radio ad campaign.



March 21, 2006 -- The New Media Journal series, "The Fraudulent Senator" concludes today with It Pays to Have (Appointed) Friends in High Places by Frank Salvato.



March 20, 2006 -- Part 6 of the New Media Journal series, "The Fraudulent Senator" is Robbing Peter to Pay Hillary Part II by Noel Sheppard.



March 17, 2006 -- Don't miss Peter Paul's personal report on Hillary's campaign finance scandal at Hillary's top donor: She's getting away with fraud!

Part 5 of the New Media Journal series, "The Fraudulent Senator" is Robbing Peter to Pay Hillary: The Media Cover-Up of the Largest Campaign Finance Fraud in US History by Noel Sheppard.



March 16, 2006 -- Part 4 of the New Media Journal series, "The Fraudulent Senator" is Hillary Clinton & Event 39: Legal House of Cards or Little Crooked House? by A.J. DiCintio.



March 15, 2006 -- The third article in the New Media Journal series on "The Fraudulent Senator" is now online: Partito Nostro: Doing Business with the Clinton Syndicate by Justin Darr.



March 14, 2006 -- New Media Journal continues its series investigating "The Fraudulent Senator" with Hillary’s Nemesis - Peter Paul by Joan Swirsky.



March 13, 2006 -- The New Media Journal is launching a seven part series today titled "The Fraudulent Senator" that will investigate the political and criminal aspects of Hillary Clinton's fundraising during the 2000 Senate campaign, focusing on Peter Paul's Clinton Gala.

The first article in the series is The Scandal Queen by Joan Swirsky.



March 3, 2006 -- We have added the latest amended FEC report (pdf: 1.07mb) filed by New York Senate 2000 treasurer Andrew Grossman to our Document File. Pages 23-24 of 47 refer to "Event 39," which is the Clinton Gala. This amended report was requested by Peter Paul more than four years ago in his demand letter of July 16, 2001. Hillary Clinton was directly informed by her largest donor that the campaign's three earlier FEC reports were incorrect, and that she had a legal responsibility to correct those false reports. Nevertheless, she refused, even after the FBI affidavit was presented in the Rosen trial to her treasurer.

FBI affidavit and FEC General Counsel Reports confirm that Peter Paul personally gave approximately $1.2 million to Hillary's campaign. The settlement made by New York Senate 2000 included the requirement to make an amended FEC Report that truthfully reported the costs and contributions relating to Event 39. For the FOURTH time, on January 30, 2006, Hillary's campaign has filed a deceptive and inaccurate report in its attribution of contributions of $838,000 to Paul's holding companies, Paraversal and Excelsior rather than Paul personally as confirmed in the FBI affidavit, and $225,000 to Stan Lee, even though Lee testified he made no contributions and there are no checks from Lee to the campaign.



February 17, 2006 -- The U.S. Justice Foundation has filed a motion to immediately depose Hillary to prepare for the hearing to consider her anti-SLAPP motion, which is scheduled for March 16th.



February 16, 2006 -- Added links to several key FEC reports and filings to our Documents File. Also linked to a collection of Peter Paul's videos.

What if Hillary's own criticism of Vice-President Cheney's hunting accident was redirected towards her own actions? Don't miss Bush blasts Team Hillary 'pattern' of secrecy at



February 8, 2006 -- Our new front page layout featuring a series of topic boxes is now live.



January 27, 2006 -- We've updated our Clinton videos page to include a clip from an ABC 20/20 Investigative Report on the fundraisers that Peter Paul underwrote for Hillary Clinton in 2000, and also added an interesting article from Daily Variety published immediately after the Clinton Gala.



January 12, 2006 -- Check out the new article by Dick Morris on why Hillary is responsible for the false FEC reports filed by her Senate campaign: Oops, She Did It Again.



January 5, 2006 -- The Federal Election Commission has now determined that Andrew Grossman, treasurer of Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign, is legally responsible for the three false FEC reports that Hillary's finance director David Rosen was criminally charged and tried for in 2005. Grossman signed a Conciliation Agreement with the FEC on December 13, 2005 admitting his culpability, agreed to pay a civil fine of $35,000, and agreed to amend the false reports to reflect an additional $721,000 in expenses paid by Peter Paul for the Clinton Gala fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

The FEC found that "there was probable cause to believe New York Senate 2000 and Andrew Grossman, in his official capacity as treasurer, violated 2 U.S.S Sec 434(b) of the Federal Election Camp[aign Act of 1971 and 11 C.F.R. Sec 102(c)(8)(i)(A)." See Peter Paul's blog for details.

This finding by the FEC makes it clear that it was Grossman, not Rosen, who acted for Hillary Clinton in filing false statements about more than $1.2 million in contributions to her Senate campaign. Hillary must now explain why, after being notified of the first false reports, she refused to amend them and allowed a third false report to be submitted to the FEC.

Related articles:

FEC fines Hillary fund-raising group -- WorldNetDaily
Hillary Clinton Campaign Acknowledges Violation -- NewsMax
A Clinton Fund-Raising Group Is Fined for Understating Gifts -- New York Sun
Sen. Clinton fundraising group fined over Hollywood gala -- Associated Press
The Mysterious Hillary Clinton -- The National Ledger


November 22, 2005 -- Paul Rodriguez of Accuracy in Media has written a major new article on Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign finance fraud: AIM Report: The Scandal that Could Sink Hillary. Rodriguez notes that "there is ample evidence mustered up by federal prosecutors and agents that document the central charges" made by Peter Paul, and points out the amazing double-standard in the way the mainstream media has covered the Hillary scandal as opposed to the charges made against Rep. Tom Delay. Rodriguez asks:

If the California civil courts, which have overruled numerous attempts by Hillary Clinton's legal team (including her personal attorney David Kendall), think there's merit to Peter Paul's pursuit of claims that he was hoodwinked into giving nearly $2 million under false premises of future support for his now-failed company, shouldn't the press be digging into the background of the charges?

A reasonable question, or so it seems to us...



November 16, 2005 -- Peter Paul has launched a new blog at to chronicle his personal experiences in attempting to expose and hold Hillary Clinton accountable for directing the campaign fraud that won her election to the Senate, and then misdirecting and obstructing the federal investigation into that fraud that improperly targeted her low-level functionary, Finance Director David Rosen.

The blog will follow the progress of one citizen, the plaintiff in a landmark civil suit against a President and Senator for fraud and coercion, in his quest to hold the most powerful political figure in the country accountable for her actions defrauding him, and defrauding the people of the United States and the voters of New York.

Read Peter Paul's latest articles on his experiences with Judicial Watch, and on why a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate the fraudulent activities of Hillary's campaign.

Also check out the USJF's new Washington Times ad (PDF, 422K).



October 20, 2005 -- We have published a new feature article detailing how top DNC officials conspired with the Clintons to obtain millions in campaign contributions from Peter Paul and hide it from the Federal government. See The Hillary Election Fraud Conspiracy.



October 19, 2005 -- The California Appellate Court ruled that Hillary would not be dismissed from the case as she had requested, but also that the case is remanded to the trial court to correct an error -- the trial court had ruled based on the date the anti-SLAPP motion was filed, rather than the date it was served on the parties. Now we will see whether the trial judge decides to waive the 30-day requirement or deny the motion once again. Since Hillary's attorney waited 6 months to file the motion, the date error may not make much difference.



October 13, 2005 -- Clinton attorney David Kendall is in Hollywood today to present oral arguments to the California Appellate Court in an effort to dismiss Peter Paul's historic fraud and coercion case against Sen. Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton. Kendall is now appealing the second denial of a new motion to dismiss the case against Hillary, this time on First Amendment grounds.

On his way to court, Kendall was asked to comment on the $1.2 million in contributions by Peter Paul documented in the complaint served on him in July, 2001, some three weeks before he allowed his client, Hillary Clinton, to file a third fraudulent FEC return on July 30. Kendall responded, "That's false, and I have nothing more to say." It isn't clear if Kendall meant that he wasn't served with the complaint -- which is shown by the certified service pleading -- or if he was disputing the $1.2 million amount -- which the FBI swore to under oath. These facts are a matter of public record.

The case is now proceeding toward discovery and trial in 2006 regardless of further appeals by Hillary Clinton, because Bill Clinton and the other co-defendants have exhausted all of their appeals.



October 12, 2005 -- Check out our new feature article, What Hillary Knew: June 9, 2000 to learn about two more fundraisers Peter Paul hosted for Hillary's Senate campaign. Paul's expenses for these events were never reported to the Federal Election Commission, as required by law.



October 11, 2005 -- Peter Paul responds to the Washington Post Magazine feature article "House of Cards" in this pointed letter to the Washington Post editors.

"I would hope that when your editorial board reviews the facts presented in my emails to April Witt, that you would make some effort to amend your 8000 word "romance epic" to include the most salient facts of the story, even though they may raise legitimate questions about how Hillary induced me to become her largest contributor, hid the fact from the voters of New York through deceptive statements made through your paper on August 15 and August 17, 2000, and then enabled three fraudulent FEC reports to be filed, while making no effort to correct them for the last five years, or to refund the undisputed illegal contribution of more than $1.2 million as corroborated by the FBI."

-- Peter Paul



October 10, 2005 -- The U.S. Justice Foundation has launched a direct mail effort to raise funds for our litigation against the Clintons, and to inform the public about their actions. Here's a sample letter.



October 8, 2005 -- Tomorrow's Washington Post Magazine is running an 8,000 word article on the Hollywood Gala titled House of Cards. Author April Witt spends considerable time and effort disparaging Hillary Clinton's detractors, but avoids the central issue -- the detailed evidence that Hillary and her campaign knew they were filing fraudulent expense reports. Witt was certainly aware of this evidence, as shown by these emails to Witt from Peter Paul.

In Hillary Knew, David Knew, Only the Post Reporter Was in the Dark, John Armor examines the gap between the facts and what the Washington Post Magazine saw fit to print.



October 7, 2005 -- USJF is running a full page ad this week in the Washington Times, and in the November issue of American Spectator. You can preview the ad here.



September 27, 2005 -- Clips from the Hollywood Gala hosted for President Clinton to raise funds for Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign are now available.

A link to Peter Paul's Wikipedia bio has been added to the home page.



August 29, 2005 -- Peter Paul has created a photo album documenting his $2 million Donation to Hillary's Senate campaign. You can view it here.



August 22, 2005 -- WorldNetDaily's Art Moore provides an overview of Peter Paul's civil suit against Sen. Hillary Clinton in Fraud lawsuit targets Hillary. The discovery phase of the lawsuit, which charges both Clintons with fraud, coercion and conspiracy, should begin early next year.


May 28, 2005 -- For more on the meaning of the Rosen verdict, check out Peter Paul: Rosen Acquittal Doesn't Clear Hillary at



May 27, 2005 -- Former Clinton campaign finance director David Rosen was acquitted today on the two remaining felony charges against him. Clinton supporters will of course spin this as an exoneration of the entire campaign, but it seems more likely that the jury decided that it wasn't Rosen's responsibility to see that accurate reports were filed to the FEC. That's true enough: the false FEC reports were filed by Clinton campaign treasurer Andrew Grossman.

Overall, the trial served to confirm a number of points we have been making -- that the costs of the Hollywood Gala greatly exceeded the amount represented to the FEC by the Clinton campign, that Peter Paul paid for those expenses rather than Stan Lee Media, as the campaign had claimed, and so on. We'll post more on what we've learned from the testimony in the Rosen trial shortly, but it clearly raises new questions about Hillary Clinton's involvement, and also strengthens the claims made by Peter Paul in his ongoing civil suit against the Clintons, Paul v. William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, et al.. That suit is now the only remaining opportunity to put Hillary Clinton under oath, and get to the bottom of what remains the largest campaign fraud in American history.



May 25, 2005 -- U.S. District Judge A. Howard Matz today threw out one of three felony counts against former Hillary Clinton finance director David Rosen, saying that there was nothing to link him to the fraudulent July 30, 2001 report to the FEC by the Clinton Senate campaign -- in other words, that the campaign didn't rely on Rosen in making that report.

Now this is interesting. Had Judge Matz reached the unlikely conclusion that the report was truthful, he would have also thrown out the other two counts against Rosen. So what we are left with is this: 1) the Clinton campaign's July 30 report was in fact fraudulent, and 2) David Rosen was not responsible for committing that fraud.



In other news from Los Angeles, David Rosen testified today that he may have used bad judgment when he failed to report that campaign donor Aaron Tonken paid his $10,000 Beverly Hills hotel bill and let him use a Porsche for free.

That's certainly one way of looking at it.



May 24, 2005 -- David Rosen takes the stand today in Los Angeles to testify in his own defense in his fundraising fraud trial. The New York Sun's Josh Gerstein provides a solid update on the state of affairs in Pivotal Moment Set in Fund-Raising Case.



May 20, 2005 -- Tony Snow will interview Peter Paul this morning at about 11:00 am Eastern.


May 19, 2005 -- Rick Madden, former General Counsel for Stan Lee Media, testified today that he and SLM CEO Ken Williams met with Peter Paul and defendent David Rosen before the Hollywood Gala, and that they specifically told Rosen that SLM would not be contributing to Hillary Clinton's campaign and that Peter Paul would cover the expenses personally. Nevertheless, campaign treasurer Andrew Grossman supposedly relied on Rosen's unsupported statement to attribute Hillary's largest reported contribution of more than $400,000 to SLM -- this despite the complete absence of invoices to or checks from SLM.

Stan Lee and the controller of SLM also told the FBI and stated in depositions that no one from Hillary's campaign ever contacted them for any information about the contribution.



May 18, 2005 -- Former Aide to Sen. Clinton Tried in Campaign Funds Case on NPR's All Things Considered does a good job of getting the story right. Listen to the 3:27 segment here.

Hillary Clinton event planner Bretta Nock testified today that David Rosen, former director of Clinton's Senate campaign, told her to obtain a fake invoice of $200,000 for the concert portion of the Hollywood Gala, knowing that the actual cost of the event was much higher.



May 17, 2005 -- Here's the transcript of Peter Paul's May 3rd Hannity & Colmes interview.


May 15, 2005 -- Liberal papers such as the LA Times have been quick to characterize remarks by federal prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg as exonerating Hillary Clinton from wrongdoing. The Times would like its readers to believe that Senator Clinton "had nothing to do with a scheme to conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions."

What Peter Zeidenberg said during his opening statement at former Hillary Clinton finance director David Rosen's fraud trial was this: "You will hear no evidence that Hillary Clinton was involved in any way, shape or form. In fact, it's just the opposite. The evidence will show that David Rosen was trying to keep this evidence from the campaign." and "Whatever your feelings about Hillary Clinton -- good, bad or indifferent -- they should have nothing to do with how you decide this case."

Hillary Clinton is not on trial this week in California. David Rosen is. That being the case, this trial will focus on evidence regarding the activities of Rosen, not those of Hillary Clinton or anyone else.



May 14, 2005 -- Andrew Grossman, treasurer for Hillary Clinton's Senate committeea, testified Thursday that he had never before heard of a fundraising event costing more than $1 million, that he still doesn't know much the Hollywood Gala cost, and that he hasn't filed any amended reports to the Federal Election Commission.

This testimony, given under oath, fails to square with the facts. Grossman was served on July 19, 2001 with Peter Paul's civil suit detailing the costs of the event. Nevertheless, he submitted this letter to the FEC on July 30, 2001.



May 13, 2005 -- Newsmax has more on Jim Levin, the former topless club owner and major contributor to the Clinton Library who is now cooperating with federal authorities in the trial of David Rosen for campaign finance fraud.



May 12, 2005 -- Yep, it's the "Devil made me do it" defense. David Rosen's attorney claimed today that the former Clinton campaign finance director knew nothing about the true cost of the Clinton Gala. However, as AP reports, prosecution witness Jim Levin, who helped Peter Paul and Aaron Tonken organize the celebrity-studded event, testified that Rosen was well aware of the spiraling expenses, and intentionally lied to federal regulators.



May 10, 2005 -- Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris offers his views on the current situation in Steak Dinner Could Cook Hill.

Now there's a classic NY Post headline.

Morris said today that he sees a "significant chance" that David Rosen will provide details to federal investigators about Hillary's involvement in underreporting donations. Fox News' Hannity & Colmes will have Morris on this evening to explain.



May 9, 2005 -- Peter Paul will be interviewed by Tony Snow this morning at 9:20am Eastern.

A major new article on the Hillary Clinton Accountability Project and the Clintons' legal woes appears in today's New York Times.

And here's another one by CBS News: Hillary's Hollywood Headache.

The trial of Hillary Clinton campaign finance director David Rosen begins tomorrow in L.A.


May 7, 2005 -- In today's New Orleans Times Picayune article, Sex, lies, secret tape at center of trial, Clinton attorney David Kendall attempts to disparage Peter Paul's civil suit against his clients. Peter Paul responds in this letter.

Interestingly, in light of yesterday's report on Rosen's defense plans, the Times Picayune article notes a recent filing by federal prosecutors stating that Rosen told a confidante there was "no way" he could truthfully report the gala's costs, and that if questioned, he would blame the errors on organizers Peter Paul and Aaron Tonken.



May 6, 2005 -- The New York Sun reported today that legal representatives for David Rosen, the former Hillary Clinton campaign finance chief now facing three felony counts of fraud regarding Hillary's 2000 Senate donations, will claim that he was "tricked" by Peter Paul and Aaron Tonken into underreporting their fundraising expenses.

It appears that the Rosen team sees little benefit in pretending the Clinton campaign reports were accurate, and is opting instead for the "Devil Made Me Do It" defense...



May 5, 2005 -- "Once dismissed as yet another anti-Clinton gadfly, Mr. Paul has suddenly become a major source of problems for the Clintons and their political associates." See Tuesday's New York Times article, Anti-Clinton Group Joins With Former Clinton Donor for more.



May 4, 2005 -- Peter Paul will appear on two national radio shows today: Tony Snow at 9:00am Eastern, and Sean Hannity at 4:30pm Eastern.

Check out these excellent writeups of the launch: Web Sites Target Hillary Clinton's Ambitions at, Peter Paul Questions Hillary Election 'Fraud' at, and The Hillary Clinton Accountability Project at

A detailed analysis of Peter Paul's civil case is now up at the Blogger News Network.

If you missed Peter last night on Hannity & Colmes, the clip is available at Jackson's Junction.



May 3, 2005 -- site launched.

Welcome to, home of the Hillary Clinton Accountability Project. Our purpose is to investigate, document and explain America's biggest campaign finance scandal. With your support, we will pursue civil litigation against the Clintons and other principals in the scandal until we have exposed the truth. We will also assist federal authorities as they continue their own investigations.



Hillary Clinton President Clinton Peter Paul



WRKO Radio Host Reese Hopkins Joins in Hillary Accountability Project

 Reese Hopkins - Hillary

WRKO Radio talk show host Reese Hopkins devoted his complete two hour radio show in Boston on February 7, 2008, to discussing the new DVD on Hillary Clinton, Hillary! Uncensored. Reeses show is rated among the top ten talk shows in the Nation.

Reese interviewed Peter Paul and film co-producer Douglas Cogan about the claims presented in the documentary on the illegalities involved in Hillarys first Senate campaign and about the unprecedented success of the films trailer on the internet having had more than 4.5 million downloads in seven weeks the end of 2007.

Reese committed himself and his show as a mass media outlet to assist Pauls efforts to expose the frauds Hillary directed to launch her political career in the Senate and the obstructions of justice she orchestrated to avoid accountability ever since 2000.

This brave action on Reeses part caused numerous complaints to Reeses boss about having Paul on his show. It followed the threat made on Chicago syndicated radio talk show host Mancows family for having Paul on his show to explain the documentary and Pauls civil fraud suit against the Clintons proceeding to trial in california this year.


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