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Hilary's F**king Obama >G Rated<

Oh yes. You knew it was coming. It was only a matter of time.


Sarah got to f**k Matt. Jimmy got to f**k Ben.  Why shouldn't Hilary get to f**k Obama?

Though I'm not quite sure she will be the one doing the f**king come election day.


Fox News: Ed Schultz On Hillary Clinton’s Nuclear Option
“The president is telling people that, well, you’re off the list, you’re committing a political suicide if you go against Hillary... I think that’s heavy handed stuff, I think that goes beyond politics”, says Ed Schultz, describing the behind-the-scene tactics that the Clinton camp uses to take care of the least courageous, fence-sitting, calculative super delegates and just let them do what they do all the way to the convention, and be who they are -- manipulated Clinton lifeline holders afraid to say no to the Clintons. “Super” they are not.


Iowa Student Explains How Hillary Had Her Plant Questions


Divided We Fail Commercials - Building on AARP's "Future Champions" advertising campaign, the multigenerational focus of the ads reinforces the Association's Divided We Fail initiative. It was created to bring together unlikely groups who share a common goal of ending partisan gridlock to address our nation's most challenging domestic problems. The ads also debut a Divided We Fail mascot, a new animal created by combining a donkey and an elephant that represents bipartisanship.

"Too Young / Divided We Fail"










Weekend Update: Blackness Scale 2008 Election Video

Reverend Al Sharpton - Reverend Jesse Jackson



Cedric The Entertainer - Politics 2008



Family Guy Political Jokes 2008



Sneaking into America



The New 2008 iRack from Apple



Frank Caliendo - Bush

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