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BU COM student journalists turn in clutch performances at Democratic Convention

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"Boston University journalism students will be in the thick of things, thanks to a unique opportunity: a special program designed to combine classroom instruction with field experience called “Covering the DNC.”
Photojournalism Professor Peter Smith said the program will allow as many as 80 students to work as professional journalists covering a national event.

The program will operate as a news agency, supplying stories to various news outlets around the nation.

In addition to adding to their professional portfolios, students will publish a newspaper and web site.

“[This type of program] creates a whole world for a different kind of education,” Smith said. “It puts the focus where it needs to be – the real world.”

Professor Robert Zelnick, journalism department chairman, agreed. “I would think that a number of universities in the city are interested in doing something with the DNC,” Zelnick said. “I think we would be one of the only schools turning it into a real journalism event, working with real papers, filing real stories.”


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The non-partisan, Democratic Convention Guide Boston 2004 is happy to provide national exposure for Boston University students.

This service is free and part of our ongoing support and commitment

to higher education.

Boston University


Boston University DNC 2004


Quote from Hearst-Argyle VP for News Brian Bracco

"The BU students working along side [our] reporters and photographers have been a wonderful addition to the Hearst Argyle Commitment 2004 political initiative.

They have supplied many of our stations with valuable information, video and sound that we may have missed without their participation.

The students and adviser Susan Walker are enthusiastic participants in all phases of coverage and planning.

I not sure who is learning more or having more or them...but we
think this experiment has worked out great for both sides.

The students have been terrific and very professional in all aspects of
their coverage.   They all have a bright future in our business."

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July 7, 2004
New media techniques designed to engage the user despite information overload

July 14, 2004
War issues likely to decide 2004 election

July 21, 2004
"Security plans are lunacy," former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis charges

July 29, 2004
Senator Bayh addresses Indiana delegation


July 28, 2004
Ohio delegation pleased with Edwards speech


July 28, 2004
Medina teen is in demand as party's

youngest delegate


July 28, 2004
Day in the life of a Wisconsin delegate


July 28, 2004
Indiana delegate prepares to take the campaign "back to the streets"


July 28, 2004
Ohio Rep. Kucinich speaks at

Boston Social Forum


July 27, 2004
Day in the life of a Colorado delegate


July 27, 2004
Convention different for union member delegates


July 27, 2004
The New Hampshire Delegation


July 27, 2004
The New Hampshire Delegation Platform


July 27, 2004
Ohio delegation concerned about the economy


July 27, 2004
Day in the life of a Colorado delegate


July 18, 2004
 Indiana delegates ready for convention

July 28, 2004
Boston business a bust


July 27, 2004
First Veterans Caucus hears from Carville,

Wesley Clark


July 27, 2004
Native American Caucus at the DNC


July 27, 2004
No Carbs lunch a disappointment


July 25, 2004 
An escape from the convention?


July, 2004   
15,000 Journalists in Boston "scrambling"

for DNC stories


April, 2004

Convention in Boston likely to create a

chaotic downtown


July 27,2004
Northwest Indiana delegates face uphill battle


July 27,2004
Native American caucus at the DNC


July 26, 2004
First veterans caucus held at DNC


July 26, 2004
Texas delegates get a taste of Boston at

pre-convention party


July 26, 2004
Parties begin for convention attendees .


July 26, 2004
Connecticut Democrats  are confident of convention security


July 22, 2004
Ohio Democrats focus on domestic issues


July 21, 2004
Wisconsin delegates look forward to enjoying Boston and nominating Kerry


July 19, 2004
Texas Democrats find Boston's Democratic atmosphere a 'breath of fresh air'

Broadcast Journalism students cover convention for Hearst-Argyle Group

“As the only college in the country to have credentialed students covering the DNC, I feel like I couldn’t be luckier to be a B.U. student.” - Alexis Guy

That quote reflects the unique opportunity afforded Broadcast Journalism students at Boston University as they work closely with the Hearst-Argyle Television Group. They own 25 television stations throughout the country and our students are providing convention and delegate coverage for four of those stations

  • WGAL – TV Lancaster, PA

  • KHBS/KHOG-TV Fort Smith/Fayetteville, Arkansas

  • WAPT-TV Jackson, Mississippi

  • KSBW-TV, Monterey, CA

The students have already provided video of state delegations at the FleetCenter as well as an interview with former president Bill Clinton at his DNC book signing. They even have video of Andre Heinz and his Schwarzenegger imitation!

Student Melissa Weiner sums up her experience this way, "Important figures are taking us seriously and are treating us like professionals.”

Professor Susan Walker is supervising the students at the FleetCenter. "They are treated as working journalists by the Hearst-Argyle staff which provides work space, precious credentials and helpful advice. It's a win-win situation for all of us."


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More than 50,000 delegates, journalists and visitors will be coming.

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