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33 Restaurant & Lounge Boston, Massachusetts


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Boston Phoenix


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33 Restaurant & Lounge Boston




Lucias Italian Restaurant Winchester, Massachusetts


New England Wild Flower Society


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Polls Show Trouble for Democrats


Mrs. Heinz Kerry Calls Debates Silly


Debate Parties in Boston, Lieberman Booze Fundraising Tour Continues


Rock the Vote Reveals: Dean Under Attack, Gephardt Wins by Not Showing


Gephardt Launches Internet Fundraising Drive, Rock the Vote on Tuesday


7.2% Economic Growth Scares Democrats


Howard Dean
Dean stuttered and flailed in the face of lip-service attacks from Sharpton and Edwards.

Dean Smoked Pot!

The Rock the Vote didn’t produce anything substantive except: Dean has smoked pot.

At least he claims that he did. It was Attack Dean night in Boston, which was a refreshing change from the usual Attack Bush nights.

Dean took immediate heat for comments he made recently encouraging the Democratic Party to court white southern voters who sport "confederate flags in their pickup trucks” -- an unfortunate turn of phrase to describe disenfranchised white working class voters. Sharpton and Edwards used this opportunity

to go on the attack, producing some exciting sound bites that completely sidestepped the issue of why the Democratic Party

is losing white voters in the South.



Source: Pew Research Center


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