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Gore will Endorse Dean... Hillary Clinton Laughter Tactic... White House Criticizes Kerry's Profanity... Bush Ratings Get Post-Thanksgiving Bump... 8.2% Growth Staggers Dems... Lieberman Has Good Numbers... Controversial Bush Ad Angers Democrats... Dean/Clark Tied... Kerry Opens the $$ Floodgates... Bush Approval Ratings Down... Big Union Endorsements Mean the Edge for Dean... Where Does the Money Go???... Polls Roundup Shows Dean Ahead, Kerry Needs Help... Dean Opts Out of Financing and Limits... Kerry Fires Manager, Considers Opting Out of Public Funds... The Kucinich Campaign's Plan to Pump Up the War Chest... Mrs. Heinz Kerry Calls Debates SILLY... Polls Show Trouble for Democrats... Gephardt Launches Internet Fundraising Drive... 7.2% Growth... George Bush Gets Great Economic News... Kerry Waits While Dean, Clark Enjoy the Spotlight... AP BOSTON - Organizers of the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston will ask Congress for $25 million for security costs... Bush Has Record Fundraising Quarter... The latest poll from New Hampshire shows Howard Dean hanging on to a ten-point lead over Senator John Kerry... In the most memorable line of his acceptance speech, Schwarzenegger opined that, "For the people to win, politics as usual must lose."... Boston's Convention Committee asks Licensing board to extend Boston bar and entertainment hours during convention activities... Mayor Tom Menino's pitch to Major League Baseball..."It would be great to have a day game during that week so that the delegates will have the ability to go to one of the great old ballparks in baseball," Menino said. "When conventions come to Boston, the most requested thing is FENWAY PARK."...

Clinton 'Laughter' Tactic Creeps Out Viewers, No Laughs for Kerry, Sharpton

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Clinton 'Laughter' Tactic Creeps Out Viewers

Al Gore Will Back Howard Dean for Democratic Bid

Currier & Chives Catering -  Exeptional Food, No Exeptions

Currier & Chives Catering -  Exeptional Food, No ExeptionsCurrier & Chives Catering -  Exeptional Food, No Exeptions

Lucias Italian Restaurant Winchester, Massachusetts

Channel 5 "The Boston Channel"

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Golden Temple Restaurant Brookline MA...Fine Asian Dining and Entertainment


33 Restaurant & Lounge Boston Massachusetts Boston Convention 2004


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Boston, Massachusetts is Selected as the Host city for DNC 2004 - Democratic National Convention 2004.


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The 2004 Democratic National Convention will contribute an estimated $150 million into the Greater Boston economy.

More than 50,000 delegates, journalists and visitors will be coming.

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