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>>>RUMOR MILL<<<  Kerry/Edwards Ticket Likely? >>>... MA Lt. Gov. Healy Calls for Kerrys Resignation... Clinton Portraits Unveiled At White House... Kerry Wants McCain as VP... 248,000 new jobs last month helps Bush... Boston UNION protests could lead to convention project delays... Ronald Reagan, 40th President, died Saturday at the age of 93... Nader bid qualifies for federal funds...  Kerry Bows to Public Pressure & Will Accept in Boston... Mayor Menino to Kerry "Just Do IT!!!"... KERRY May Delay His $Nomination$... Kerry Blames Bush for Gas Prices... Jerry Springer Chosen as DNC Delegate... Clinton's Share Spotlight with Kerry... John Kerry Choses John McCain as His Defense Secretary.... Bush "Good News":  285,000 New Jobs, Unemployment down... Governor Bill Richardson Kerry's VP???... Kerry Spends $25 Million on TV Blitz... PASS THE HAT:  Boston DNC organizers are $4.6M short... AP Poll:  Kerry, Bush tied in N.H. ... Over 10,000 Reporters in Boston for DNC... Village Voice:  Kerry Must Go... Hillary Clinton Comes to Boston for DNC 2004... John Kerry Targets West Virginia... MTV, RNC, DNC Seek Youth Vote.... Kerry to Release Military Records... Battleground Pennsylvania... Record $4m expected for Kerry... AP Poll:  Bush 45%, Kerry 44%, Nader 6 %... Secret Service Looking for Beacon Hill Apartments... Poll:  Strong support for convention!... Mayor Menino & "Celebrate Boston 2004" Plan a Month of Convention Events... New Study: $152 Million Boost From DNC... George Bush:  US Job Growth Fastest in Four Years... Kerry Recovering from Shoulder Surgery... Given Vice President Dick Cheney’s effective attacks on Kerry, Kerry is being urged to pick a VP... Democratic Unity Dinner Raises $11 Million... Bush / Romney Campaign in Boston & Collects $1.4 Million... Dean & Unions Join Kerry... Poll: Majority of Americans Say Bush/Iraq Military/Anti-Terror Policies OK... Bush & Kerry Campaigns try Positive Approach?... Ted Koppel quote:  "How USA responds to terrorism should NOT be a Campaign Issue"... George Bush tells Mitt Romney to Wait Until 2008 to Run... Happy 200th Anniversary South Boston!!!... MA Gov. Mitt Romney: "Let's Combine the Democratic Convention with Boston's July 4th Festivities" (anyone laughing?) ...$150,000 per week Ryder Cup Vacation Rentals www.2004rydercuphomes.com... President Bush Campaigns in Boston March 25th...  Boston will be Tom Brokaws Last Convention.... AP: VP Cheney: "If Kerry Was In Charge, Saddam Would Still Be In Power"....  Bill Clinton Collecting Funds for Kerry... AP - Kerry Claims Victory In Democratic Race... Bush Campaign Responds to Kerry... Hillary Refuses VP Spot... Fleet Center to become Bank of America Garden?... Secretary Of State Powell Doubts Foreign Leaders Support Kerry... John Kerry Ahead in National Polls, Edwards More Valuable as Veep than Richardson... Boston's largest Police Union asks Kerry to Boycott Democratic Convention... Nominee Kerry Seeks Dean's Endorsement... Kerry Sweeps FL, LA, MS, TX  Primaries... Boston Unions hope to settle contracts before July's Democratic National Convention... Jay Leno on John Kerry: "He has my hair. He's the only president that if he gets on Mount Rushmore, the face will be actual size."...  AP Poll: Bush, Kerry Tied, Nader A Possible Spoiler... Hillary Clinton says:  "I'm not running for VP in 2004"... Edwards Withdraws from Race... Glitches in New E-Voting Systems... SUPER TUESDAY All Kerry... Governor Romney Blasts Menino's State Money Grab... Kerry ahead in all Super Tuesday Polls... Ralph Nader Independent Candidate for President... Kerry Gets Big Labor Boost... Dean Departs... Kerry Wins Close Wisconsin Primary... Wisconsin is Kerry vs. Edwards... Dean's Campaign Chairman Steve Grossman Departs... NASCAR Revs Up Bush Campaign... Kerry Wins D.C. & Nevada Caucuses... www.2004dnc.com #1 in all Polls... Wisconsin Howard Dean & John Edwards last Chance to halt Kerry... Tom Ridge promises his department will take extraordinary security measures for the Democratic National Convention... Wesley Clark Drops Out & Supports Kerry... Kerry Wins Virginia, Tennessee... Bush/Kerry Tied in National Polls... Kerry Wins Maine Caucuses... Kerry Sweeps Michigan and Washington... White House on Defensive... Kerry Ahead... DEAN; "I will Quit if I lose Wisconsin".... Sen. Joe Lieberman is ending his campaign... John Kerry swept through Arizona, Missouri, and Delaware, and then hit a brick wall south of the Mason-Dixon, Courtesy of John Edwards... Congrats Pats Superbowl Champions!!!... Dean Fires Campaign Manager As Cash Runs Out... John Kerry Wins NH Primary... Clark Wins Dixville Notch Primary... Reuters: Democrats Trade Jabs in New Hampshire... Kerry Ahead in NH & National Polls.... Why Dean Can't Win... NH Next Proving Ground for Dean and Kerry... Iowa Democrats dealt a serious blow to Howard Dean... Braun Drops Out to Help Dean... Boston's Mayor Menino "DNC 2004 is a once in a lifetime platform to showcase Boston to the World!"... Former Senator Bill Bradley Endorses Dean... Kerry Risks Also Ran Status... Debates a Waste of Time... Despite McCain-Feingold, the Money Keeps Rolling In... John Kerry Visits N.H., Loans Campaign $850,000... Lieberman Has a Good Week Despite Gore's Dean Embrace... Clark Stays Alive in Polls... Dems React to Hussein Capture... Gore will Endorse Dean... White House Criticizes Kerry's Profanity... Bush Ratings Get Post-Thanksgiving Bump... 8.2% Growth Staggers Dems... Lieberman Has Good Numbers... Kerry Opens the $$ Floodgates... Big Union Endorsements Mean the Edge for Dean... Where Does the Money Go???... Polls Roundup Shows Dean Ahead, Kerry Needs Help... Dean Opts Out of Financing and Limits... Kerry Fires Manager... The Kucinich Campaign's Plan to Pump Up the War Chest... Mrs. Heinz Kerry Calls Debates SILLY... Polls Show Trouble for Democrats... Gephardt Launches Internet Fundraising Drive... 7.2% Growth... George Bush Gets Great Economic News... Kerry Waits While Dean, Clark Enjoy the Spotlight... AP BOSTON - Organizers of the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston will ask Congress for $25 million for security costs... Bush Has Record Fundraising Quarter... In the most memorable line of his acceptance speech, Schwarzenegger opined that, "For the people to win, politics as usual must lose."... Boston's Convention Committee asks Licensing board to extend Boston bar and entertainment hours during convention activities... Mayor Tom Menino's pitch to Major League Baseball..."It would be great to have a day game during that week so that the delegates will have the ability to go to one of the great old ballparks in baseball," Menino said. "When conventions come to Boston, the most requested thing is FENWAY PARK."... Democratic Convention Guide www.2004dnc.com #1 in all Polls...

President George Bush

Bush Gets Good News

Dems Play HARD BALL w/ Nader

DNC & RNC NYC Turn Green


CBS Poll:  Kerry / Mc Cain Ticket

John Kerry

Patriot Act Throw Down

Houston Chronicle:  Reagan Tribute

Chronicle:  Kerry Wants McCain as VP

Telegraph: Bill Clinton to the Rescue!!!

McCain Rejects Kerry on VP overture


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2004 Democratic National Convention - July 26 ~ July 29, 2004, Boston, Massachusetts
 2004 Republican National Convention -  August 30 ~ September 2, 2004, New York City, New York


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